Brief information about Swedrive AB

  •  Company started: 1973
  •  Sales: approx. SEK 120 million
  •  Employees: 60
  •  Certification: ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015
  •  Part of the Dacke Industri AB Group

Early on, Swedrive AB became known for its customisations and special solutions involving gear drives and screw jacks, and later also electromechanical cylinders. This meant that the company was less exposed to competition from other companies in the industry which concentrated more on standard products. Over time, the company has built up a strong position on the market, gaining it the manifest respect of the transmission sector.

Swedrive AB now enjoys annual sales of around SEK 120 million
– achieved with the help of around 60 expert staff.


1973 Swedrive AB is established by 5 talented guys with experience of similar manufacturing operations. To begin with, the approach tended to involve subcontract work for other companies, but as time went on the company produced its own range of worm gear drive products.
1974 First delivery of worm gear drives.
1982 First delivery of jacks.
1984 Sydostinvest acquires 40% of the company. This allows Swedrive to secure financing for future expansion.
1987 “GARP” business system introduced and first CAD system installed.
1988 Eken Industri & Handel (major shareholder of Sydostinvest) acquires 60% of the shares in Swedrive, thus becoming the majority holder.
1992 Hexagon acquires Eken (Eken is listed on the stock exchange, Hexagon replaces the name and ends up with its own on the Swedish Stock Exchange) Swedrive is placed in Hexagon’s Automation group.
1995 Swedrive moves into larger, purpose-built premises (the current ones)
1997 Certification to ISO 9000
2001 Certification to ISO 14001
2005 Segulah III acquires Hexagon Automation and changes its name to Dacke PMC.
2009 Dacke PMC changes its name to PMC Group AB and Swedrive then also changes name to PMC Swedrive AB.
2012 Product range extended via the introduction of “Electromechanical Cylinders” as a standard product.
2016 Nordstjärnan acquires PMC Group AB, Swedrive gets its original name back – Swedrive AB.
2018 New production site, expanded production area of ​​2700 sqm. A total expanded area of about 6000 sqm.

Swedrive AB

Prästtorpsvägen 14
341 51 Lagan


+46 (0)372 265 00