Their low environmental impact
is reason enough to opt
for electromechanical cylinders.

Configure your electromechanical cylinder here.

Swedrive has a comprehensive standard range of five different sizes capable of handling dynamic loads up to 250 kN.

Advantages of electromechanical cylinders from Swedrive:

  •  Minimal environmental impact; ideal in locations where freedom from oil leaks is important
  •  Low noise level
  •  Energy is only required during motion
  •  Minimal rebound, easy to secure against unwanted movement during static loading
  •  Precise positioning and repeatability
  •  Easy to control desired travel and actuation time
  •  Speed is independent of load and direction of force
  •  Fast and easy installation
  •  Multiple screw jacks can be operated in parallel with the aid of mechanically or electrically operated shafts.
  •  Fully integrated design means they can be used in harsh environments
  •  Minimal servicing requirements

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