Because we generally customise our products to the environment and specific requirements of the application in question, companies in many sectors can benefit from the advantages of electromechanics.
Here are a few of the sectors that opt for electromechanical cylinders, screw jacks and worm gear drives produced by Swedrive, Scandinavia’s leading manufacturer.

Whatever your industry sector, we welcome an enquiry about your application – contact us.

Medical technology

The healthcare sector has stringent requirements when it comes to equipment: It must be clean, quiet and above all achieve very high levels of precision. Swedrive supplies drives for X-ray and mammography equipment, motorised wheelchairs and equipment used in pharmaceuticals production.

Forestry and paper

The forestry industry is a sector that often involves very heavy-duty applications, resulting in high demands on safety. The equipment used in pulp and paper manufacture has to be capable of withstanding a harsh environment. Sawmills and planing mills require precision and resistance to wear.

Gates and doors

Swedrive’s optimised worm gear drives are ideal for operating anything from revolving doors to industrial doors, gates, windows and valves. Swedrive’s drive units can handle wide ranges of temperature in both damp and dry environments. We optimise and package the components to match the customer’s requirements.

Machine manufacturers

Even as a standard product, electromechanical units have many advantages when incorporated in other structures: Compact design, no hoses, easy to connect and operate. At Swedrive, nine out of ten solutions are fully tailored to the customer’s requirements, at an overall cost that outperforms that of a standard product.

Lifting and transportation

In a segment that extends from workshop lifts to lifting bridges there are some really heavy-duty applications demanding high levels of safety. Screw jacks can be easily connected together to ensure synchronised movement and secure locking under extreme static loads.

Industrial automation

Electromechanics has many uses in an automation project. You get rapid and exact movement with a high degree of repeatability. And of course solutions that we tailor to your design using the right specifications, material and integration dimensions.

Marine engineering

The environmental requirements for shipping and offshore operations are becoming more demanding. Clean electromechanics is the right alternative for “green” installations, eliminating the need for oil and pipework. Swedrive supplies electromechanical cylinders for a number of applications, including hatch covers and platforms.


Hygiene is a major priority throughout the food production chain. The clean design of electromechanical equipment, eliminating the need for oil and hoses, is ideal for the safety requirements of food production equipment. It is also reliable at different temperatures and in a wide range of applications, from food preparation to freezing.


Modern high-tech agricultural machinery imposes high demands on precision and cost-effectiveness. Swedrive’s optimised gear drives in conjunction with either electrical or hydraulic operation have opened up new possibilities in this sector too, despite all the pressure on prices.

Defence industry

The high-tech products that are a feature of the defence industry make severe demands in terms of quality, precision and useful life. Swedrives applications have for decades been the obvious choice for major players in the defence industry.