A screw jack is used where
precisely controlled linear
movement and positioning
are needed.

Our jacks come in two versions – axial screw or rotary screw with travelling nut. In our standard range we have six different sizes for loads of up to 250 kN. If none of these suit your application, we also make customised units for loads ranging from a couple of hundred kilos to over a hundred tons.

Advantages of screw jacks from Swedrive:

  •  Minimal environmental impact; ideal in locations where freedom from oil leaks is important
  •  Low noise level
  •  Energy is only required during motion
  •  Minimal rebound, easy to secure against unwanted movement during static loading
  •  Precise positioning and repeatability
  •  Easy to control desired travel and actuation time
  •  Speed is independent of load and direction of force
  •  Fast and easy installation
  •  Multiple screw jacks can be operated in parallel with the aid of mechanically or electrically operated shafts.
  •  Minimal servicing requirements

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