Your special powers
in rotary and linear movements
Clean energy, minimal environmental impact
Your special powers
in rotary and linear movements
Precise positioning
Your special powers
in rotary and linear movements
Withstands harsh environments

Swedrive develops for the future

Electromechanical cylinders, jacks and worm gear drives for industries with high demands for quality and environmental performance. We offer pure power tailored to your application.

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Swedrive - worm gear drives
Swedrive - mechanical cylinders
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Successful opening of Swedrives new production hall

In the afternoon of October 4, Swedrive, together with about 100 guests and 60 employees, opened the new 2700 square meter production hall.

We are very happy and proud that so many customers, suppliers, politicians, representatives from sister companies and group management and, in particular, four of the founders of Swedrive, took the time to celebrate this together with us.
During the opening there were mingle and speeches and the band was cut by Per-Ove Andersson, who is the current employee who has been at Swedrive longest time with his 37 years. A very appreciated part of the opening was the factory tour where guests were given the opportunity to see how we manufacture our products and meet our knowledgeable personnel.

With the expansion we now have a total of over 6000 square meters in our facility in Lagan, 100 km south of Jönköping. Several new machines have also been acquired and since 2016 we have made investments in total of 54 MSEK.

The expansion and machine investments are the first step in our commitment to stengthening our position as one of Northern Europe´s leading manufacturers of electromechanical solutions and increase our capacity as we see a growth in the segment of using electromechanical solutions instead of hydraulics and pneumatics.

The next step in the investment plan is to modernize our assembly lines and build a major development and testing centre as well as a brand new paint shop with blaster to be able to paint classes up to C5 in-house.

Swedrive today delivers customized gears, screw jacks and electromechanical cylinders for an amount of approximately 115 MSEK.


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