We have benefitted from our many years of experience in designing a worm gear drive that combines top performance and best overall economy.

Create your STEP file here. CAD Configurator is Swedrive’s web-based program for building the worm gear drive you need. You configure it step by step, and then we e-mail you a STEP file.

A particular feature of our worm gear drives is their excellent availability and reliability. This is because each worm gear drive is optimally dimensioned, has the right reduction ratio and is produced from exactly the right material for the application in question.

In addition to customised worm gears, we offer a complete standard range of worm gear drives with centre-to-centre distances of up to 125 mm and torque capacities of up to 1,500 Nm. The drives are available in single-stage and double-stage versions, and in a wide variety of gear ratios.

Advantages of worm gear drives from Swedrive:

  •  Compact design enables easy integration
  •  Very low noise level
  •  Efficiency of up to 90% thanks to ultra-modern manufacturing process
  •  Reliable and stable, with high utilization level and low maintenance costs
  •  Reduction ratios of up to 100:1 in a single stage
  •  Ideal for applications that involve demanding operating conditions
  •  Worm screw in hardened and precision-ground steel
  •  Worm gear in high-quality bronze for optimum wear resistance
  •  Couplings designed for efficient, flexible and innovative combination possibilities
  •  3D CAD -files

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